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Genius Zone Digital Studio effectively integrates technology in all areas of your business, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

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About Team Genius

Genius Zone Digital Studio is led by Yasaf Burshan. Team Genius' mission is to empower creators and enable them to unleash their full potential, aka find their "Zone of Genius". This is where your creativity is at its peak. You are rocking it and getting the highest rewards for your actions.

But we know that when you focus on the "how" you can't be creative. Trying to connect all the dots between a website, landing page, booking app, content sharing, and customer engagement just takes too much brainpower and turns off creativity.

Luckily, tech is our zone of genius. We live tech 24x7 and what we do best is to make tech easy for you.

What Genius Zone Provide

One-stop digital service and tech-shop for everything you need to build a successful brand online

Optimized Business Toolbox

Need a landing page, a website, or an online course? No problem! Genius Zone will help you choose and set up the best smart tools to run your business.

Engage With Your Clients Effectively

Target and connect with your ideal customers with high converting sales funnels, lead magnets, and social media campaigns.

Booking, Invoicing and Contracts

Tired of wasting time on booking sessions, collecting payments, and doing paperwork? Save 3 hours per day with smart tools that work for you.

Automate Your


Genius Zone will automate your business tasks and set up a reliable system that works for you 24x7, so you can be free to do what you do best!


Your Genius Business Partners

We partnered up with the best brands in the world to deliver

outstanding performance and amazing results to you!

We are certified Thinkific experts and agency partner.

World's best LMS.

Easily sell online courses & build profitable membership sites.

World's best work OS and work management software. Get All the tools you need to run your business better and make it scalable and growth-ready in one place!

The best workflow automation platform. Grow your business quickly and x10 your efficiency.

Zapier integrates with 5000+ apps for you, so you can stay in your Zone of Genius.

The best and most comprehensive set of collaboration and productivity tools for your business. As Microsoft partners, we are here to help you choose and use the right tools for you.

We Recommend Thinkific! World's best platform for online courses & LMS.

The best combination of traditional spreadsheets and online databases.

The #1 WhatsApp automation solution. Everything you need in one amazing tool!

Office 365 is our platform of choice for anything related to online collaboration.

Business Partners

We teamed up with the best brands to deliver outstanding performance and results to you!

World's best online courses & e-learning platform (LMS) is our leading choice for anything related to sharing your knowledge with your audience, growing your community and business.

The best combination of traditional spreadsheets mixed with powerful online databases is our platform of choice.

Take control over your business data with real-time team collaboration.

The best WhatsApp automation tool in the market! Instantly reply to incoming messages, book meetings, accept payments and supercharge your WA groups on autopilot with this amazing tool!

Office 365 is our platform of choice for anything related to online collaboration. Enjoy A reliable and robust email system, share large files easily and access your data from anywhere and on any device.

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