3 Key Benefits of Retargeting Ads

January 21, 2022

As a business owner, you're always looking for ways to increase your profits and grow your business. One of the best ways to do this is through retargeting ads. Retargeting ads are a type of online advertising that target people who have previously visited your website. They are effective because they remind potential customers of your brand and can persuade them to return to your site and make a purchase. 

In this blog post, we'll discuss three key benefits of using retargeting ads.

So what is retargeting ads?

Retargeting resembles targeting a prospect again from scratch. But who wants to start over from scratch every time a visitor comes to their site and wont take any kind of action? Retargeting, ironically, is a marketing technique that prevents you from doing just that. It is an effective strategy marketing where you target someone who showed some initial buying interest for your offers by visiting your website.

Retargeting aims to attract repeat visitors who are more likely to convert, rather than first-time visitors who may or may not convert.

A fun fact that should make you uncomfortable and you should know: Approximately 92% of people who visit your website, landing page or page are not ready yet to buy from your offers. Yes some might be interested but not yet ready, due to a lot of reasons.

This is where retargeting ads come in.

Here are the 3 Key Benefits of Retargeting Ads:

1. Reach More Interested Audience 

 Retargeting allows you to reconnect in a meaningful way with people who, for one reason or another, cared enough to visit your site in the first place. These potential customers have expressed an initial interest in your offer; all you have to do now is remind or urge them to take the next step. Retargeting is beneficial to your business since it allows you to reach interested prospects rather than reaching some of your target audience who are only likely to be interested in your offer.

This marketing strategy helps you avoid spending budget and resources by shooting ads all over. With this you are displaying ads solely to the audience who have shown their initial interest in your business and offers and are considered as warmer leads.

2. Increased and Better Conversions

Retargeting can help on both brand awareness and in increasing conversions, the reason being is because you can optimize, customize and even personalize your ads, so what we mean is that these ads will produce the high click-through rates, ROI, conversions you’re dreaming of.

This is a better marketing strategy to invest with your budget, investing on warmer leads, who already have the intent to buy rather than trying to get conversions from ice-cold leads. Because these leads are already aware of your brand and the items and/or services you offer, it makes your marketing job easier. So you may save costs while still getting a return on your marketing investments.

Different businesses have different metrics or KPIs, they mainly focus on what fits their business needs or what industry they belong to, but every business owner that wants to scale their business must pay more attention to revenue and sales.

Higher conversions from retargeting strategy, leads to more revenue and sales.

3. Improve Brand Awareness

There are numerous brands around the world, each with its own logo, design, color scheme, and mission statement. These are thrown in front of internet users thick and fast online. This makes it even more difficult to get someone to remember your brand.

According to the marketing rule of thumb, a consumer must make seven impressions with a brand before becoming a customer. Retargeting helps you speed up the process by focusing on those who have seen your website at least once. You'll be at the top of your target audience's thoughts if you keep reminding them about your brand.

Even if they don't convert right away, you're increasing the chances that your brand will be the first one they think of when they do decide to take action. Brand awareness is critical for business growth, and retargeting can help with that.

Conclusion: Retargeting much like marketing is like dating. The goal of retargeting is to gain the trust of your site visitors and future consumers by making them feel at ease with your brand or business. Then, using blog posts, webinars, training materials, and email follow-up sequences, you gently encourage them and educate them about your products and service. Finally, if enough trust is built you may ask them to make a purchase.

Those visitors are much more likely to convert if they’ve already invested their trust in your business.

If you want to more details about Retargeting Ads or need consultation, kindly [book here] we would love to hear from you!

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